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What we do.


In order for our evidence-based, cutting-edge BlueResilience program to be fully successful, both the “admin” and the union should be in agreement. Without good support from all stakeholders, the program is likely to be less effective, and may even be sabotaged by those in the organization who are against it.


We will consult with both administrators and labor representatives, interview employees without regard for rank, seniority, or other historical divisions. At the conclusion of our interviews, we can assess how best to move forward in developing a robust resilience program. We will detail our findings in a report, to include organizational strengths, as well as any challenges to developing a program. These Agency Readiness Assessments (ARA’s) will be provided to police executives and union leaders. We will follow up after both sides have had a chance to meet and confer. Then we can decide how best to move forward with the project.   

Program Oversight

In our consulting work, BlueResilience will insert high energy, results-driven consultants into meetings with your department's Resilience Task Force. The purpose of the meetings is quite clear: we will provide your committee group members all the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary for them to confidently take on the role of managers for the program after we have left. 

BlueResilience consultants will regularly check the status of these new initiatives. We will meet with your steering committee and problem shoot any challenging developments that have come to the fore. We will NOT abandon you. We will keep coming back to your department until we get it right. Agin, no cookie cutters here. We will be finely attended to the specific strengths and challenges characterized by your department. 

Both of our BlueResilience founding members are acutely aware -through direct professional experience -  of the political infighting that characterizes these sorts of initiatives. Our combined experience in managing just these sorts of conflicts will undoubtedly serve us well here.  


We run courses that last anywhere from 4-hours to 3-days. It goes without saying that those who can commit to a 3-day class are simply going to get more from it. 

Unlike the vast majority of training on similar topics currently on the market, one of your instructors is a  POST Certified Master Instructor. 

That means that, far from being the sages on the stage, we integrate adult learning theory into these classes. 


Why? Because we know that adults take away and actually use (on a daily basis) information they have learned and integrated as part of group dynamics. 


These are not classes where students sit in rows and regularly check their phones during class. They will be active every step of the way...because that is how they will learn, and INTEGRATE the information far after they have left the training room.

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